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What is graphic design? 

At its core, graphic design is about visual problem-solving.

Whether it’s a brand logo, a magazine layout, or a website interface, every design is a response to a specific need or challenge. Designers use typography, color theory, composition, and various design principles to create their work. They must consider the message they want to convey and how it can be shaped by the perceptions of the audience.

Moreover, graphic design is not just about making things look attractive; it’s also about functionality and making information easy to access. Good design can mean the difference between a user-friendly website and one that’s difficult to navigate, or an ad that catches your eye and one that’s easily overlooked.

Graphic design is truly an art form that plays an integral role in our visual world and everyday communication.

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How can graphic design improve my business?

Graphic design is a powerful tool for businesses, enhancing brand recognition and conveying key messages with impact.

Through professional and cohesive visuals, it can attract and retain customers, making your brand more memorable.

Good design ensures that marketing materials stand out, whether it’s a striking logo, an eye-catching website, or compelling product packaging.

It also improves user experience, making information accessible and easy to understand, which can lead to increased customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Ultimately, investing in quality graphic design is not just about aesthetics; it’s about creating a strong, recognizable brand that resonates with consumers and drives business success.

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These are the services I offer:


The logo should emanate your company's best quality, it should represent your brand! Together we will find a type and style of logo best suited to your product!

What are the different types of logos?

Pictorial Mark Logo

Ocean Audio chose a pictorial mark logo or a brandmark. A pictorial logo is a standalone image or symbol. The mark can be representing an abstract shape or a real-life object. Its meaning and its connection to the company can be open to interpretation.  
These logos do not include the company’s name, which can be risky for a new business. So they are best suited for brands with an already established brand recognition.

Ocean audio was looking for a symbol which would suit their brand name and was easy to remember. They wanted a logo which they could put on their BT speakers and headphones and which would emphasize their products uniqueness.

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Emblem Logo

The FCC_23 wanted an emblem as a logo. The emblem is one of the oldest forms of a logo. It consists of  (vintage-style) text inside of a container (often a circle). They can convey authority, seriousness, and tradition.
Their drawback is the lack of versatility, especially for online usage. They are usually intricate, so emblem logos can be trickier to shrink down for use on social media or in an app.

The FCC wanted to play a bit of a joke an the traditional and serious nature of the emblem. They - as true space cadets - also wanted to remind of NASA, So, they chose this emblem logo which every visitor of their semi-private art, hacker and music festival had to wear as a badge. The emblem badge featured an NFC sticker on the back and visitors could read each others info if so permitted. The private name tag was born!

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Abstract Logo

GO - Green IT Services uses an abstract logo. Those logos do not refer to anything literal. They can be used when a company wants to distinguish itself in the market. A meaning is only hinted at - if at all - and the customer is free to project their own meaning onto the product / company.

GO wanted an abstract logo open to interpretation. They offer carbon neutral IT services in their data center and wanted to see the green aspect of their work represented in the logo. It faintly reminds of a tree or maybe some kind of digital symbol? The arrow is clear and emanates enthusiasm and strength, a go-to-spirit!

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Combination Logo

Eye-Shadow - Make-Up FX picked a combination mark, typically comprising a wordmark or lettermark along with a symbol (frequently referred to as a logomark). It constitutes a prevalent type of logo design. This popularity stems from its adaptability, allowing the symbol to be used independently or in conjunction with the wordmark as required. This flexibility makes it a favored choice for many brands.

Eye-Shadow asked for a unique and memorable logo. It was also very important to them that the logo would look good as decals on their cars. They create make-up FX like monster masks, bloody wounds, etc. They wanted the logo to represent this somewhat without being gruesome.

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Monogram Logo

Goldman&Greaves -Pipe Tobacco uses a monogram logo which typically features one to four letters, often representing a company's initials or first letter. For companies with longer names, a monogram—or letter mark—logo or variation can be a smart choice.  Naturally, the initials form the central aspect of the logo.

Goldman&Greaves felt they needed a rather traditional logo to address their audience. They wanted a simple, no-nonsense logo which at the same time expressed their equal partnership and showed a clear connection to their company's name.

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Wordmark Logo

Bland - Hot Sauce chose the wordmark, often called a logotype. It is the most classic and pure form of a logo. It relies solely on the company's name, making it a popular choice for businesses with concise names—ideally one-word or hyphenated. For companies with two-word names, stacking is a common practice. The word style itself conveys meaning, evoking the brand's essence, whether it be playful, artistic, educational, or serious.

Bland loves to use irony in its marketing. So they intentionally chose a bland, boring, everyday font for their hottest of hot sauces which is everything but. Funny, effective and lucrative.

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Mascot Logo

Happy Yeti - Snow Gear picked a mascot logo. Mascot logos feature an illustrated character that serves as the brand's ambassador. These logos are typically fun and approachable, offering audiences a character with which to identify and connect.Service providers, food brands, and sports teams frequently utilize these logo types. However, there has been a recent trend where more applications and technology brands are adopting animated characters to give their brands a more personable image.

Happy Yeti makes snow gear like boots, pants and jackets for children. They asked for an approachable, cute, and fun character to market their products to their target demographic of kids aged 3-8.

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What does a graphic designer create?

A good design should make your content accessible and memorable. The layout should guide the user gently through the given information, highlight the most important data and give the user the feeling of having gained something new and exciting. Let me help create such a product for you!

Business Cards

In an era where digital dominates, the tactile charm of business cards endures. These pocket-sized billboards are networking powerhouses, offering a personal touch in a pixelated world.
Besides sharing contact information; they’re about leaving a lasting impression. Whether it’s through innovative design, unique textures, or clever use of space, a well-crafted business card can speak volumes about your business acumen and attention to detail.

Let me help create a business card which is unique and perfect for your endeavor.

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Magazines, Catalogues

Magazines and catalogues have a timeless allure, offering a sensory experience that digital screens can’t replicate. They invite readers to slow down and savor the content.
The curated content of magazines and catalogues provides a focused dive into specific interests.
They’re collectible, often becoming keepsakes or conversation starters.
They’re not just reading material; they’re an experience.

I can support you in creating such an experience for your customers.

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Record/Tape/CD Covers

Record/tape/CD covers are more than just packaging; they’re a canvas for artistic expression that captures the essence of the music within. Covers are a fusion of art and audio, a tangible connection to the artist’s vision, and a cherished piece of memorabilia for fans.

I'd love to help create a perfectly fitting cover for your music / audio book.

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Flyers, Posters, Banners, Stickers, etc.

Flyers, posters, banners, and stickers are the guerrilla marketers of the visual world. They pop up where you least expect them, turning heads and sparking curiosity. Their charm lies in their ability to make a bold statement in a single glance.
These materials can transform a bland space into a canvas of communication, creating a buzz with vibrant colors and compelling designs.

I am able to support you in creating head-turning or page-back-going print products that will leave a lasting impression on your audience.

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Why is Arthur Schmidt-Pabst best suited to do my graphic design jobs?

Allow me to support you in making your products even more  useful, beautiful and magic!

Arthur Schmidt-Pabst: a name synonymous with sleek, smart design.
His work consists of a blend of function and whimsy that captures the eye and engages the mind.

Arthur’s designs don’t just look good; they tell a story, making every pixel count in the grand narrative of visual communication.

Short, sweet, and to the design point—that’s Arthur for you!

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The magic touch!

Let's work together!

I am available for freelance work in UI/UX design, graphic design, web design and illustration in 2d and 3d.

Allow me to support you in making your product / service even more appealing and usable. Together we can make your company be seen and appreciated by ever more people!

Let's do magic together!

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